Roller Bases for Electrical Supplies

The roller base for electrical appliances we produce allows the easy and without effort movement of the oven, fridge or washing machine, thanks to the 4 pairs of wheels it is supplied with.

The dimensions of the metal base are 46.5 x 46.5 cm, 3.5cm height, fully adjustable until 67,5 x 67,5 cm. The singularity of our model is the patented ADVANCED BRAKES SYSTEM we have developed.

The usual brakes systems immobilize the wheels, yet they are not effective, because the wheels due to the hard plastic they are made of, slide on the tiles or the often wet floor.

Our system ADVANCED BRAKES SYSTEM is totally independent from the wheels. A mechanism controlled by a shaft activates the brakes by lowering a rubber piece which is pressed on the floor, ensuring 100% stabilization. Available on electrostatic paint, galvanized or inox iron plate.

In the following photos you can observe the details of the braking system.
Base panoramic view
Disabled braking system
Enabled braking system
Ground plan with the braking system disabled
Ground plan with the braking system enabled